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I am honored to welcome everyone to the new edition of the Horizon family… www.horizonmagazineonline.com. This website was built with you in mind.
We here at Horizon, I believe, have accomplished our goal of bringing to life something for everyone, a website that is equipped to cater to everyone’s needs and desires. We are here to showcase our work as well as allow you to showcase yours. This is something new, different, and to my knowledge, something that has never been done like this before.
Our website is broke up into different categories. The home page, where you are now, will be used to welcome viewers to the site as well as showcasing information that needs immediate attention.
Our Horizon Magazine page is the page where we will be placing our magazines, as well as the rates for each magazine, you are now able to view each one online.
Our hair and nails page is designed to be marketed by the the hair community, stylists, barbers, nail techs and everything related.
Our business page is designed to feature all businesses that would like to be seen with pertinent information about their business.
Our events page, is designed with dated occasions in mind. Comedy shows, concerts, birthday parties, weddings, etc.. This is the page that will have a dated calendar so people can click on a date, see whats going on, and decide to go to that event. This calendar is equipped to handle daily, weekly and monthly occasions. This is the page where people will go to for information on whats going on in the city.
Now our multi media page, to me, will be the jewel of Horizonmagazineonline.com. Our audio page will be used for audio content that will allow people to share their content, their work, their thoughts and ideas, right here, on the audio page. The video page, yes that is correct. Think youtube when you are thinking of the video page. We here at Horizon are capable of filing videos for you, or, if you have a video you would like to place on our page no problem, contact us. Our video page will be used to also develop local talent like comedians, singers, actors who have small skits that can be updated weekly, monthly, or as the artist sees fit. This is the beginning of the future so the possibilities are endless. Stay tuned!
Now, scenes of the city, is the page where photos of people at different events will be showcased. Watch us as we grow!
Our religion page is for the religious community to network with each other. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Spiritualist… people of all faiths, lets network or talk to your market, this page is for you.
The games page, although this page is currently limited on content, more will be coming it will have …. well games, check it out!
Horizonmagazineonline.com is also offering a way for you to create your own page, such as Facebook so you can network with friends who will also be here to network. We are honored that you stopped by…. We hope you tell your friends to stop by, we will be growing… And we will be happy to assist you with any thoughts and ideas you might have that will make your experience better.

Thank You!